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Launching MyBibleBasics.com - An Interview with Dr. Tom J. Cowley

Oct 24, 2012

The Bible is a challenging 1500+ page book to wrap our minds around. It is made up of sixty-six separate books written in a variety of genre...

WDC Fall Retreat Held on Christian Lifestyle

Oct 16, 2012

The WDC Regional Retreat was held in Washington D.C. from Oct 12 through Oct 14, 2012. Church pastors, ministers and congregants gathered, and God poured down His grace upon each person and opened the hearts and united everyone as one family in Christ.

DMCP Announces Plans to Establish its Church Planting Center in Oklahoma City

Oct 8, 2012

The Department of Mission & Church Planting (DMCP) announced last week to establish its Church Planting center in Oklahoma City.

Washington DC Presbytery Gathers for Fall Retreat

Oct 3, 2012

Washington DC Region's annual Fall Retreat will be held from October 12-14. The retreat center is located nearby the Supreme Court in DC.

New York and WDC Presbytery Co-hosted Summer Retreat

Aug 23, 2012

Binghamton, New York - The summer retreat co-hosted by New York and Washington DC Presbyteries ended with the great grace as the truth and love of God was poured down abundantly.   During the three-day program, six lectures and two sermons were taught with the topics of salvation and pa

Atlanta Presbytery Summer Retreat Held in Nashville Tennessee

Aug 23, 2012

Nashville, TN - Three empowering days of prayer, praise and worship, and learning about God's awesome word are the ways to describe this year's Summer Retreat for the Atlanta Presbytery. Pastors and mission workers from Atlanta, St. Louis, New Orleans, Birmingham, Miami, Jackson, Lou

EAPCA Affirms its Core Beliefs, Mission and Affiliations

Aug 19, 2012

Recently, several Christian publications have reported about the Olivet University and its founder Dr. David Jang. EAPCA was noted in the reports.

Family Ministry at Grace Community Church in Phoenix

Aug 1, 2012

The Grace Community Church's educational programs for families including seniors, couples, and teenagers provide great strength to the church's family members. The family ministry at GCC in Phoenix strives to serve the needs for the church family members in three areas...

Christian-Jewish and Culture Dialogues Held in July

Jul 26, 2012

Immanuel Community Church in New York City hosted several interesting discussions in the month of July. Prominent evangelical Christian leaders and Jewish rabbis met earlier in the month at the offices of Olivet University to discuss their shared concern on the rise of secularism in American society

Congregation Volunteering to Feed the Poor

Jul 24, 2012

Ephesus Community Church members participated in a local food pantry event.


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