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Ministering to a Modern World

Ministry in the Age of Technology

Information Technology (IT) professionals in our assembly guide the training of ministers and laymen for the better use of technology in carrying out the Great Commission.

  • Use of computer programs for greater unity and communication in ministry has been emphasized in General Assembly meetings .
  • Standard technology training is in effect throughout the EAPCA
  • Distribution of information via the internet is being implemented to improve laypersons' awareness of church issues and events

A Changing World Mission

Not only is technology changing, but people are changing as well. To accommodate these new dynamics and demographics, we have engaged our ministers and mission directors on a quest to find the proper way to respond to the changing world. We are dedicated to the following objectives:

  • Learning about the current trends and viewpoints of all people groups .
  • Becoming familiar with the concerns of our youth .
  • Studying changes within the church itself.
  • Disseminating information about the modern world throughout all levels of ministry .
  • Receiving workable methods of responding to such information, as needed .
  • Training ministers to adapt to an ever-changing ministry environment .

Training Materials

Videos and pamphlets about the latest research and findings of our Mission Department are available by contacting the main office.


U.S. & Global Mission

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