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Giving Fund

Thank you for visiting the EAPCA Giving Fund page. We deeply appreciate your valuable heart that wishes to help the EAPCA grow.  We hope that this presentation of our ministry needs will open your eyes to the value we have for every precious donation we receive.  God has truly blessed our ministries, and the EAPCA sincerely wishes that you may share in this blessing through your offering.

Together, as we give our prayers, our lives, and our wealth, the EAPCA believes that we become united for the one cause of Jesus Christ.  Please join us in funding our US Missions, Global Missions, ministry, and scholarship campaigns.

Special Offerings

Your participation in these offerings can help a great deal in achieving the goals of our church.  Currently we are seeking special offerings for EAPCA US Missions from both congregations and individuals.

US Missions

Thank you for your support to EAPCA US Missions!  Help make it possible for US Missions to meet our ever-increasing needs as we spread seeds of the Gospel throughout our 7 regional presbyteries and 50 states across the United States.  Your donation will finance projects fulfilling our vision to plant hundreds of churches with the Word of God.  And as our current needs are met, we pray that new doors will open far above and beyond our current goals.

Directed Mission Support

Evangelism in North America:
US Missions co-works with regional presbyteries, area directors, and local churches in order to find new believers in faith.

Church Planting:
US Missions co-works with regional presbyteries and area directors in order to assess locations and strategically plan for new, healthy church plants. EAPCA also supports young plants with your contributions to this fund.

US Missions is looking for young leaders who will focus their media, professional, educational, and missions abilities on spreading the Gospel to major cities in North America.

Church Fundraising Development:
Church Fundraising Development supplies a wide array of services in order to support congregations in deepening their understanding of stewardship responsibilities.  Church Fundraising Development helps give churches the opportunity to campaign for buildings, renovations, new technology, books, and other supplies, as well as to gain financial support for their various programs and activities.  With the help of Church Fundraising Development, each congregation can truly grow to spread the knowledge of the Gospel of Christ by first taking ownership of their church through increased stewardship participation.

US Missions General Donation:

Contribute to the North American Mission Board's fund for missions efforts, and support all of the above campaigns.
Support other EAPCA ministries!

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U.S. & Global Mission

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