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Congregational Resource Center

This Month At the Congregational Resource Center

If you want to give your small groups a breath of life, bring in a new member! The fresh perspectives and open heart of a newcomer will keep all the small group participants on their toes and excited.

We are taking on new tasks, as the need for congregational development tools increases. With new church plants starting every month, more growth is being reported all around! This is good news, because we want to be a great help to the church and its community. So feel free to give any suggestions or comments that can help us develop better resources for you . Currently we are serving you in the following areas:

  • Church Community development
  • Evangelism Resources
  • Theological Resources
  • Small Group P lanning
  • Educational Material Publishing
  • Church News

CRC Branches

Our work is directed towards sustaining the community life of our congregations, educating laypersons, directing ministers in their role as the center of congregation life, and publishing materials that further our objectives.


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