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• The EAPCA Educational System (EES)

The EAPCA Educational System (EES) defines educational philosophy as a set of beliefs about education derived through reflection. The educational philosophy of EES is rooted in biblical theism. The Bible as God's unique, inspired and infallible revelation to man is a Christian's standard for faith and life. Likewise, the Lord Jesus Christ as the Incarnate Word is the ultimate author of all truth. The institution aims to educate the total person for the glory of God. This education is centripetal, centered in the Lord Jesus Christ, and centrifugal, radiating from Him, the Center, to encompass diverse spheres of learning. God reveals Himself not only in His Son and in scripture but also in creation. Consequently, biblical and non-biblical subjects are worth studying. Acquaintance with them equips the student to understand himself, his society, other cultures, his natural environment and the creator of all. Such understanding carries the corresponding obligation to make an impact upon unregenerate society as its salt and light. Integration is a key concept at EES.

First, the Bible is integrated with all other areas of study. Instead of adding biblical and professional courses to a general education base, as is commonly done, our system offers concurrent study of biblical, professional and general education courses. This distinctive aim of truly integrating the Bible with other areas of study is one that all leaders endorse and strive to implement.

Second, Christian service emphases integrating theory and practice.

Third, EES encourages the person learning to integrate his personal ideas and values with those presented through the system. The person’s mind is not a bank where periodic deposits and withdrawals of information are made. Rather, it is a beehive where pollen gathered from many fields is transmuted into sweetness and light. This spirit of personal inquiry and synthesis is reflected in the EES’s inductive approach to Bible study whereby the student is guided to interpret the Word for himself. As he seeks to make these integrations on the personal and academic plane, the individual must recognize the Holy Spirit as the ultimate teacher and the Bible as the supreme authority. Indeed, a thorough knowledge of and a love for God's word are prerequisites for any effective Christian life and ministry. EES exists to nurture these qualities in an atmosphere of faith, scholarship and caring.

To these ends, the EES provides an atmosphere of worship and learning that tests and defines the true sense of calling. EES is founded on Scripture and Christian tradition so that faith and intellect mature hand in hand, and life-long friendships can begin. And in the process, those learning in the system form habits of discipleship to proclaim with one voice the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ with unerring conviction, courage, wisdom, and love.


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