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Zimbabwe Perspectives: New Hope, New Horizons

This 60-minute documentary, shot on location in the nation of Zimbabwe, begins with a straightforward look at the issues that face Zimbabwe today - namely a severe drought and food shortage, which have gripped the land for more than two years. More recently, hundreds of thousands of people - perhaps a million - have been rendered jobless and homeless because of a government program to tear down urban shelters and commercial stalls that have been deemed illegal structures.

The program explores the integral role of the faith community in recent humanitarian efforts by tracing the efforts of two young missionaries. Their stories give viewers a firsthand look into the challenges and rewards of sustaining the existing ministries of preaching and service in Zimbabwe today.

The program concludes that, although international attention, action, and co-working with Zimbabwean authorities will be required to ameliorate the environmental, economic, and political factors responsible for the interlocking crises, real change must also take place on the individual level – especially via Christian faith communities – in order to combat the root causes of these problems and others confronting the beleaguered nation.

This resource is ideal for adult Bible studies that emphasize international missions in Africa. For purchase information contact our main office, or email us at here.


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