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Introducing Journeys Through Scripture

EAPCA Publishers is pleased to introduce Journeys Through Scripture , which is an ecumenical educational resource designed to communicate the gospel with people from a variety of Christian backgrounds. The series is based on the four major themes of the Bible – also known as the four ‘spiritual laws.' These are: creation, the fall of man, salvation through Jesus Christ, and the Kingdom of God.

The main objective of Journeys Through Scripture is to enable all Christians to connect deeply with the Word of God on a personal level that resonates meaningfully with their life experiences. This way, Journeys Through Scripture helps participants to progress in the process of becoming both the hearers and the fulfillers of the Gospel message as true disciples of Jesus Christ.

The format of Journeys Through Scripture is simple to follow. Each lesson guides learners though different bible themes organized in a way that promotes increased familiarity with the Bible's core messages and it's contemporary applicability. The result is the formation of a solid biblical foundation based on a lesson plan that begins from Genesis 1.

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