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South Atlantic Region to Reignite Noble Fervor in the Bible Belt

October 24, 2014

South Atlantic Region office announced the goal for 2015 in their monthly newsletter. The goal includes the areas of church growth and new programs that will open.

Most of the states in the region belong to the Bible Belt, which is a term for the south-eastern and south central United States which is socially conservative and evangelical. The states are known to have higher percentage of Church-goers than the nation's average.

In reality, however, there are numerous residents suffering from broken families and relationships.

The region will aim to increase the new congregants and pioneer two more cities in Atlanta.

The detailed plans included were conducting "Praise and Worship" and "Sunday Service." Music is always a very effective tool in opening the hearts of people, the vision statement says. Sunday school is an important platform to gather families and kids. The region will be united to create warmer and welcoming environment in every church in order to embrace diverse groups of people regardless of their age and background.

The staff of the office commented, “We are also planning recruitment campaign for new staff and ministers. Pastors and ministers who have passion for the region are all welcome to apply for the project.” 


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