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Gratia Church in Seattle Prepares to Reopen Branch in Alaska

October 15, 2014

Alaska, the largest state in the United States by area, had been a mission field since 2010. The state is known to have the biggest occupancy of American Indians. Among the population in Alaska, 78% profess to being Christians, 62% are Protestants. 

The church planting staff is drawing a blueprint to launch a team by this year. Every congregant in the church is united in prayer to lay the spiritual foundation of setting up the branch. 

The pastor of the church encouraged every member to pray that “lost souls in the land be found and comforted." In order to reopen, the foremost preparation should be the piled prayers that ultimately root the church, the pastor said. 
Congregants are in great hope to witness God’s new work in the state, Alaska. 



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