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Pilgrim Church in Los Angeles Outreach Program Bears Fruit

October 5, 2014

Pilgrim Korean church and Latino Gracia church in Los Angeles have been collaborating to serve the locals, and their community project is starting to bear fruit in evangelism.

The third class opened October 18, and a number of attendants came to learn Spanish and computer. Church members began to approach them personally and serve by helping and teaching, and the attendants opened their hearts and began to talk and take interest in attending service. 

People who came for learning language and computer skills could also accept the invitation to Sunday service and bible studies. Some of them joined the service that week.

The Pastor, Seng Noh, envisions to open more programs that can bridge non-believers to know Christ. “They should just realize what they ultimately need is Jesus,” he shares.

The church also plans to teach the method of evangelism by opening community helping to other churches collaborating. 


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