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Sioux Falls Gratia Manifests Power of God and Church Growth

September 19, 2013

Sioux Falls Gratia Church in South Dakota rejoices in the praise and glory to God for what He has done for the past month. The Holy Spirit works strongly among the members of the church and tearful stories of testimonies are abound. 

The church minister shares that the service attendees have been very attentive to weekly sermons and to church Bible study program. One church member, John, invited his entire family to the church after being deeply touched by the power of Gospel and becoming passionate in evangelism. Clark, a neighbor nearby the church location, was invited to the church prayer meeting by his friend, Peter, who recently found Gratia to be his home church. Phoebe, who came to know about the church two weeks ago in the neighborhood, liked the family-like atmosphere of Gratia Church and invited her husband George to Wednesday mid-week service. 

Gratia Church staffs demonstrate the power of prayers and thank God for the changes that are taking place among many church members. By faith and believing in the power of resurrection, let us pray that Sioux Falls community may change and give all glories to God. 


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