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Member Care Project Underway

April 12, 2013


EAPCA Department of Member Care launched a staff team in order to tackle the database research and analysis projects, from which EAPCA missionaries across the country can be benefited. 

There are various issues and difficulties that missionaries face in their respective mission fields. The taskforce staffs will invest in finding solutions and examples to cover comprehensive topics that affect missionaries' day-to-day lives. 

"Issues are found in various areas including health, relocation, and culture that affect missionary works. Missionaries can face simply 'burn-outs' mentally and spiritually," shared the Member Care staff. "through the means of analysing missionary data, communications, and counseling, our goal is to create an encouraging platform for tired missionaries to get rest that they deserve." 

Let us pray for this project to increase the care and Lord's attention for many hard-working missionaries. 


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