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Multi-cultural Mission

America today is a vast multi-cultural arena for mission. Immigrants and well-established cultural groups become an important context for mission. The EAPCA regional offices face the challenge of the multi-cultural mission with networks, communication, and resources to facilitate this mission.

The multi-cultural mission recruits ministers with particular talents and language skills to communicate effectively to many cultures. Some cities have local hot spots where people of the same culture gather frequently. Immigrants entering America also face challenges that the church facilitates.

Here are some key points of the EAPCA Multi-cultural Mission:

  • Identify culture groups that are in need of special attention in the context of mission.
  • Develop leadership to guide culture groups, especially the young immigrants who are getting started in America .
  • Facilitate communication and network between multiple cultural groups in the same local area.
  • Educate in methodologies and languages unique to culture groups to effectively spread the Gospel.
  • Help each church become more diverse and inclusive of a variety of culture groups.

Each regional office can give specific systematic guidance for the multi-cultural arena prevalent in America . Contact them for more information and advice.


U.S. & Global Mission

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