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U.S. & Global Mission



Mission Network

The EAPCA network of churches extends throughout 100 countries around the world. The expansion of mission has been made possible through a strong network developed through the web. Here are some of the features that have made the EAPCA network strong and successful.

Mission Reports

Daily and weekly mission reports from missionaries serving both long-term and short-term missions are reported online. Regional headquarters are able to coordinate seeing the progress of mission reports.


Missionaries relating their experiences in the field give other missionaries support, advice, and direction for their own mission. Progress of a mission can sometimes be seen simply by looking visually at pictures sent in the E-Newsletter.

Missionary Webpage

Missionaries are allowed to make their own webpage using the missionary template. A webpage includes journals, news of mission, and current projects.

Financial Support

Missionaries in poorer countries can request support from others online. Churches, families, or individuals can offer support with a click of a button.


U.S. & Global Mission

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