"The righteous shall live by faith." (Romans 1:17)



U.S. & Global Mission



Mission Expansion

Mission in America is prevalent and necessary today more than any time in history. America is experiencing a divide between faith and secularism. This nation that was built by and on faith is beginning to separate from its Christian roots. However, we are dedicated to keeping faith alive in the hearts of Americans.

The United States , comprised of 50 states, is actually similar to a conglomeration of 50 nations, each with their own character. Therefore, the coordination of mission receives dedicated staff support from our administration, to give attention to the specific needs of each of these 50 mission fields.

The mission is strategically coordinated to preach in the places where the most people can listen at once in the biggest cities. Churches are planted with dedicated missionaries and ministers, and pastors are raised and sent when the church grows.

EAPCA ministers and missionaries are dedicated to creating proper working relationships with the existing church at large, to assist them in their current mission, and to proclaim the Gospel together with our common denominator as Christ, whenever possible.

We continue to work vigorously to establish our ministers firmly in strategic cities, and to increase the spread of their missions to cover all fields of America . We hope that this can be a firm foundation that supports our overall mission.


U.S. & Global Mission

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