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Evangelism Resources

Evangelism Mapper

The Evangelism Mapper will help you design your plan and change your world. Access time-tested evangelism strategies, seminars, and activities and let this resource guide you in creating a detailed, annual evangelism program for your church and ministry.


  • Activity planning calendar
  • Evangelism assignment design
  • Recommended techniques
  • Established evangelism resources
  • Timeframe ruler

To order your Evangelism Mapper, contact the US Missions Evangelism Department at your Presbytery office.

His Love in Us

Evangelism through Ministry: Tool Kit

His Love in Us is an amazing tool that will grant your church new power in spreading the light of Christ to lost and darkened souls in your community. Using this ministry evangelism tool kit, learn to share the love of God that has been placed in you.

Open your toolbox today, and find:

  • His Love in Us Manual to evangelism through ministry
  • Evangelism through Serving Manual
  • A CD with messages from well-known ministry representatives speaking about their evangelism experiences
  • Inspirational and educational videos that will open your eyes to the power of evangelism through ministry

To order His love in Us, Evangelism through Ministry: Tool Kit, contact the US Missions Evangelism Department at your Presbytery office.


U.S. & Global Mission

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